The Content Marketer’s Video Success Guide

Content marketing is such a vast field, it’s often difficult to get started doing it on Video by Repurposing existing content.

At Vidooya, our product is built on content creation and helping professionals to work more efficiently.

That’s why we’ve created this brief guide to help with a few phases you should consider as you’re creating your content.

You will learn about:

  • Who is Your Ideal Audience?
  • What Are Your Objectives?
  • What Is Their Journey Like?
  • How Will You Measure Success?
  • How to Benefit From the Use Video in All Stages of Your Content Marketing
  • About Vidooya

Download “The Content Marketer’s  Video Success Guide”


Vidooya is a cost effective cloud solution which enables anyone to turn their written content into high-quality videos.

With our software, virtually anyone can make their content pop and stand out from the crowd.
Our easy to use platform enables you to create your videos in a matter of minutes. From there, you can download your content and/or share it on social media. That’s only the beginning however.

Vidooya also enables you to add calls to action and signup forms to your video so you can capture leads, fully automate your marketing communication and analyze crucial trends from a central location.