Ready For B2B Inbound Content Marketing?

You don’t have to wait until you realize that you are already being deprived of opportunities before you start planning your B2B inbound strategy.

You’ll know you’re ready to have such a strategy in place, based on the following signs:

  1. You have online properties such as a company website and/or a company blog, but their content has remained static (unchanged) for some time, and your Analytics show that your number of visitors have gone down and are still going down. Conversely, your bounce rate is inching very close to the temperature highs of Eastern California’s Death Valley during summer.
  2. When you ask your friends and relatives what they think of the contents of your website or blog, they either mumble incoherently or give you a blank stare.
  3. Your sales people wander around in a sort of daze, vacant-eyed and seemingly bereft of hope, much like the numerous zombies in The Walking Dead™ (when they’re not feeding, of course).
  4. Your office staff are often just playing computer games, continuously snacking at their desks, or exchanging gossip to while away the time because only a few customers, if any, show up.
  5. Related to reason # 4, there’s a glut of supply in your warehouses or stock rooms. That’s equivalent to money being static and growing mold like the moldiest blue cheese.
  6. Your network of contacts and prospects is not being added to, you’re not getting enough leads. This makes you feel like you’ve been sent into exile for a reason you don’t understand.
  7. You look around, and you see that there is a demand for suppliers in your niche, yet, no one has heard of your company at all.
  8. You are aware for a fact, that your B2B target markets are making a beeline to your competitors, even if you happen to have better quality products and/or services. Then, you start to doubt whether or not your products and/or services are really of higher quality.
  9. There have been times when you have even reduced prices, but doing so hardly did anything to improve your sales. You feel like the least-liked kid in the neighborhood.
  10. And the most telling sign of all – when you attend business social functions with other executives in your niche or in allied niches, your company name and brand do not resonate. In fact, they never even get mentioned at all.


The signs given were all written with tongue partly in cheek, of course. Yet, it cannot be denied that there are some formidable truths behind each of the signs mentioned.

You see, in an ideal world, if a B2B company could deliver quality products and services at sensible rates, there would be no logical reason not to continuously generate profit, because there would be no lack of B2B customers.

However, in today’s business landscape, online marketing is just as important and widely used as offline marketing (at times even more so).

That’s why there really should be an effort on the part of companies to come up with their own B2B inbound content marketing strategy.

If not, as the world continues to depend more on technology and its changing forms, then the company that declines to adapt will be sorely left behind.

What about you? Are you ready to blaze your own B2B content marketing trail?