Painless Content Marketing For Local Businesses

Marketing spending from local businesses is continuously increasing. Google estimates that local businesses in the US now spend οn marketing 10x more than they used to 5 years ago. Marketers have now multiple new ways to help local ventures leverage the power of content marketing and the social media in order to attract and engage with prospects and customers. Let’s see some simple examples in this direction.

Facebook Instant Articles is a huge opportunity

Early in 2015 Facebook introduced instant articles. This is basically a feature which allows publishers to post stories directly on Facebook rather than linking back to their own sites. Obviously, it is a perfect feature for small businesses that don’t own a blog or do not have the resources to market their blog with content marketing. Of course, it is also major publishers who will greatly benefit from this feature, yet it appears as a bold opportunity for local businesses as well. At the moment Facebook is still testing Instant Articles with a small part of the market in the US. The launch for the general public is expected in 2016.


Still not marketing with Foursquare?

Foursquare is the king of location with 20 million users and bold features for local businesses. We all know its main benefit is that fact that Facebook and Twitter users’ friends see when someone is checking in at a place to eat, shop, work etc. Businesses can use this medium to force updates about offers, coupons and relevant information to users attaching text or images or even videos with the help of relevant apps. There is a lot more into Foursquare of course but the above is enough to start with.

Video made easy for small businesses

Repurposing existing content is also an efficient way for small businesses to engage with prospects. Here is how Vidooya can help small businesses in this direction.

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