How To Understand YouTube for Business

YouTube is offering marketers billions of profits. It has some awesome features, yet some of them marketers need to explore and leverage. Check out the YouTube Creator Playbook, see how important transcripts, captions, subtitles are and make your content SEO friendly to help you understand YouTube for Business for your B2B marketing efforts.

The YouTube Creator Playbook

The YouTube Creator Playbook “compiles important tips, best practices, and strategies to help you build your audience on YouTube.”  One of its goals is to help video creators in their creative process, in order to maximize the use of their channel.

This resource is very thorough, and can be a great help to many B2B video marketers in learning how to blend creativity with the need to boost their company and brand with YouTube for Business strategies.

How to understand YouTube for Business

The YouTube Creator Playbook can be found here.


The business community went global many years ago. As a business person, you are naturally inclined to finding more opportunities for your company and brand.

Even if your business may only be local, you shouldn’t confine yourself to only a small region – your comfort zone.

That’s because there’s a possibility that your products or services may be found useful and highly desirable outside of your territory.

Since your B2B YouTube marketing videos can be used to promote your products and services (on top of making your company and brand image well-known and credible), you should make use of a seldom used resource in YouTube that can magnify your global reach: video transcripts.

If someone overseas who is in your niche happens to see your video, but can’t understand what is being said because that person has a different language and is not very adept in the language used in the video, what do you think will happen?

Right. That’s a marketing opportunity gone down the drain.

To avoid that, make use of YouTube video transcripts. Learn how to do them here.

Captions and Subtitles

Not every B2B prospect who watches a YouTube video can easily understand the dialogue or narration on it, even if the language used may be the viewer’s own. They do not also hear any mood music or background effects, which were placed to contribute hugely to the flow of the video content.

That’s because some people have hearing problems. To address that, in case some of your B2B prospects or existing customers are in the same situation, use captions or subtitles for your YouTube video.

Find out how to make use of the YouTube resource that’s under-utilized in B2B marketing videos here.

The Creator Studio app 

For B2B marketers who use either the Android or iOS mobile operating system, YouTube for Business has a downloadable Creator Studio app that will let you “manage your channel on the go more quickly and easily than ever before. In the app, you can check out your latest stats, respond to comments, and get customized notifications so you can stay connected from anywhere.”

Sweet and lovely, isn’t it?

The Creator Studio app is ideal for busy B2B marketers who tirelessly work all day and hardly have time to sit down in front of a desktop or laptop.

Read more about the Creator Studio app here.

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