How To Make Competitors Jealous With Your B2B Content Marketing

There are 10 things your competitors wish you would never do in B2B Content Marketing. This is only because these 10 things give you a significant advantage.

1. Tell amazing stories online. For your B2B content marketing to come across to your prospects as clear and focused, there should be a flow to whatever content you are producing. Whether it is an article, a blog post, a video, or a slide presentation, you will gain the most engagement if your content has a story to tell, and not be just a random collection of statistics, analysis, or pitches. Use the 4Ws (who, what, where, why) and 1H (how) in your content, and you’ll have an audience who will be able to easily focus on your content.

2. Blend hard facts with soft emotions in your B2B content. The reason most B2B content marketing is considered boring is because there are marketers who think that B2B marketing approaches always have to be stiff and formal. False. Your data may consist of hard facts, but no one is preventing you from using an emotional appeal or treatment to get your message across. Emotional appeals connect with your market at the psychological level, where their decisions are made.

3. Think in visual terms and produce content that is visually‐oriented. The human mind more easily processes images than words. Never forget that pictures are worth a thousand words and Videos are worth ten thousand. Make the best use of infographics, video and images in your B2B content marketing.


4. Use different channels and content types for each message that you want to deliver. Even if you may have already succeeded in the use of one content type or channel for your B2B marketing, don’t concentrate on that type or channel alone. Using a good variety of content types and channels as part of your B2B content marketing can open greater opportunities to hit as much of your market as you can.

5. Be daring, be creative. Thinking out of the box means seeing things from an innovative, or fresher perspective. It also means a willingness to step out of the traditional routes and walk in hardly tried direction. Create an eBook of mini‐infographics. Turn your blog posts into video. Use your CTAs as tweets. Set your imagination free when thinking of design, format, and treatment for the information that you need to share with your B2B market.

6. Make video a huge part of your B2B content marketing strategy. Integrating video into your content mix, and making it a big part of your strategy is the way to go, and it’s not hard at all, considering how 1 minute of video = 1.8 million words (source: Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester Research) and that 75% of executives watch videos on business websites at least once a week, with 65% of those executives going to the website of the marketer after video watching. (source: Forbes)

7. Think mobile. Be accessible to your prospects wherever they may go. Take full advantage of smartphones and tablets that allow your B2B market to watch your B2B video content on the go or read your articles, wherever and whenever they want. Make sure your website and blog are responsive or optimized for mobile and you have incorporated a video on your page.

8. Interact with your B2B target market. Engagement does not stop at simply creating interesting content that motivates your prospects to leave feedback about the content. Interaction with your market is the grander side of engagement. Interaction is a large stepping stone towards conversions. Nurture your video channel, social media properties, and blogs. Always respond to comments and other kinds of feedback.

9. Outsource as necessary. Some B2B content marketers think that if they outsource their content, they will be compromising the integrity of their content. There is some truth behind this worry. Just the same, provided that you get reliable outsourcers and give to them concrete instructions and detailed expectations (leaving them with a wide berth for creative license), outsourcing can reward you with a fresher, newer, and highly energetic approach to your content. However, always keep in mind that outsourcing can also pose risks, because it is quite possible that no matter how you try to explain, your chosen outsourcer may not be able to get your ideas exactly as you want it. Therefore, as mentioned, outsource only when necessary, and if you have full trust in your outsourcing contact. In other words, be discerning.

10. Analyze what your competitors are doing. You must not miss out on this. The more you know the areas that your competitors are shining in, or failing at, the more ideas you will have in designing and implementing your own B2B content marketing strategy.

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