B2B Video Marketing – Getting It Right

Whether you wish to promote a brand, educate, entertain consumers and partners, or convert prospect into paying customers, it is the B2B video marketing basics you will need to conquer before you succeed.

Let’s set things going first.

As discussed before on this blog, B2B video marketing is an excellent B2B lead generation tool. Let’s review what inbound marketers can use B2B videos for:

  1. To promote a brand, product, or service (selling)
  2. To give the market tips and advice (educating – engaging)
  3. To show witty situations or ideas related to what a marketer is sharing with the market (entertaining), and,
  4. To motivate the market to sign-up or opt-in, so that the marketer can start developing a relationship with the audience-turned-subscriber (converting).
Converted Subscribers

Although there are some who would love to debate the issue, a subscriber is not really a conversion per se.

That’s because, even if you have a huge subscriber list, the reality is, not all of those subscribers will be compelled enough to buy into your brand, or your product or service.

The decisive factor that will tell you, as a marketer, that your campaign has done well, is when your video viewer-turned subscriber actually makes a payment for your product or service.

So, if you are to really achieve a conversion, then you should not just be contented with having a sizable number of video viewers, or subscribers, or “likers.”

Marketing Terms defines conversion rate in this manner: “The percentage of visitors who take a desired action”. The ultimate desired action is to convince, compel, or otherwise convert your video viewer-turned subscriber into a paying customer.

That won’t be easy to achieve if the video that you use for B2B video marketing is not able to deliver your message effectively. And note at this point, ideally your message has to address a problem that your viewing audience has.

Without being able to provide an actionable solution to your audience, you could lose their interest, and you could lose credibility.

Quality, Not Just Quantity

In creating video, quality is very important. It’s not just about quantity.

Of course, the more videos that you create, the more you will be able to expound on what your business is all about, as well as what your product and service can do for your market.

But just because there is plenty of technology that’s so readily available for creating do-it-yourself (DIY) videos, it doesn’t mean that DIY is always the way to go.

Remember that your target market is all that matters as far as making a sale is concerned. And as a B2B marketer, you’re not just dealing out pumpkin seeds. Your market is primarily made up of executives and/or other kinds of company decision makers who expect top-of-the-line quality in anything you present to them. You have to impress them. You need to make them watch your video, not just zone out blankly while looking at it, or be distracted and turn off your video entirely by watching or doing something else. You need to give them video that is compelling enough to get them to buy from you.

We’re being totally upfront here. If you’re targeting the C-suite, you have to come up with high production values. A point-and-shoot approach to video production just won’t do.

Stumbling Blocks in Your Way?

However, if you are really determined to go the DIY route as far as B2B video marketing creation is concerned, it could still be done, of course.

For starters, keep in mind that if you want to create or produce video on your own, the smallest step that you can take is to learn video production basics.

These basics include creating good content, the one that your video will be all about, and of course, learning all about technical concerns such as:

  • The best kind of camera to use
  • Lighting essentials
  • Audio standards for music, sound effects, and/or dialogue (as required)
  • Videotaping fundamentals
  • Graphics fundamentals
  • Editing fundamentals

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